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About Us

Our History

The Villa was founded in 2010, by Dr. Richard M.  Kastelic who gained inspiration for the business from his mother, Mary. Mary was memorialized as the oldest businesswoman owning the oldest business along Route 66. Mary Kastelic opened and managed her very own tavern, the Villa d'Este. After the early passing of her husband, Mary worked endlessly to provide a comfortable place for the locals to socialize and enjoy their day while also raising her family. Mary's warmth and dedication to her customers and family made her a friend to all. 


After Mary suffered with Alzheimer's later in life, Dr. Kastelic gained an interest in helping those who most needed assistance within the area. He recognized the importance of treating people with the same compassion and warmth that his mother had always shown.

Utilizing his mother's influence and work ethic, Dr. Kastelic opened the Villa to ensure that all of the residents received the care they deserved from people that were just as passionate and kind as his mother.


Our Mission

To provide compassionate and customized care of the best quality within a relaxed, enjoyable environment  for individuals within the area in need of personal care assistance.

Join the Family.

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